Front-Runner to play Spider-Man

I have talked a lot about potential actors to play roles as superhero’s. Well here comes one more and its our favorite wall crawler Spider-Man. Now I have gone over how they are looking for a new leading man to play the role and recently Marvels short list of actors to play Spidey has been leaked. With that there is apparently a front runner and his name is Asa Butterfield.

If you don’t know who he is, he was the lead actor in the movie Ender’s Game. According to IGN, the other actors on the short list are Nat Wolff, Tom Holland, Timothee Chalamet and Liam James.

Screencrush says that Butterfield is Marvels first choice which could mean that we have already found our new Spider-Man. Now he is very young only being 18, but most of the actors on the list are young so this may be the route that Marvel is taking.

This is all just rumors too but everyone loves Spider-Man and we want to know who will be playing him in the future. Since he is going to have a cameo in the next Captain America movie before having his own solo movie in 2017 there is still time but Marvel needs to hurry up.

I am not the biggest fan of this choice because I think there are much better actors and people who have a better look and personality, but what do you all think ?



Daredevil is Back!

Last week I went over why Daredevil is great and why everyone should watch it and I said I would continue so here’s the rest.

A lot of shows use flashbacks and they are needed but with Daredevil the flashbacks are perfectly done. They now only show Matt Murdock’s past but they also do a great job of showing where the villain Wilson Fisk came from and how he came to be. With Daredevil you know that he was blinded but that’s all you know with these flashbacks they do an amazing job of showing how he was blinded, how he became a good fighter and it also ties together a lot of episodes.


Another reason is the women in it are pretty bad ass. While they aren’t fighters they don’t have a problem with going into bad situations and don’t let the men overpower them. They both help Daredevil in different ways but they also and sorry for the spoiler but they kill at some point in the show. They aren’t your damsel in distress types of girls that your used to in superhero shows.

The final reason of many that I will talk about is the suit. While most suits you are use to are bought/made (Iron Man), given by the government (Captain America), or well just comes with your origin (Thor) this suit comes in such a different way. I wont give away how he gets his awesome suit but it is discovered and also made for him and its incredible. Though before that he fights in normal clothes so even his suit makes him great because hes just like anyone else and he isn’t in armor piercing armor so it makes the fights and injuries all more real.


Whats great is that since this show is so awesome they have already gotten a second season on Netflix!

If you have watched it tell me what you think.


There are many TV shows now based on comic book characters but now there is a Netflix series and its called: Daredevil!

If anyone knows comics they know about Daredevil a blind crime fighter, also if you watched the Ben Affleck movie back in the early 2000’s. This is one of Netflix’s original series so it never was on TV it is only on Netflix. If you haven’t already binge watched it you need to right away because it is awesome and for many reasons.

EntertainThis! from USA Today goes over 7 reasons to binge watch it now. I mean first off its the hero and the villain. They are played perfectly by there actors and there hard not to love. I mean USA today goes over how Matt Murdock isn’t like other heroes he is just a man with heightened senses and a passion for his city. Then the villain Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin is honestly awesome. He isn’t a villain that you honestly hate right away he is different and he is such a likeable villain especially how he is portrayed.

Indiewire also gives our reasons to love this show and one that is hard not to love is the fight scenes. I mean it goes over how good they are and it just draws you in with the perfect fight scenes. What is so great and Indiewire does a good job with this is that the fight scenes seem real. Unlike other shows where you don’t believe it you can actually see these fights happening.

Now these are just some reasons and I’m not done next week I will follow up with this post and continue the greatness and also talking about a little bad. So be back next week to read more.


Will Captain America include Spider-Man? as of now NO!

Now if your a big comic book fan you know what “Civil War” means and that the next Captain America is Captain America: Civil War. The story plot for “Civil War” involves Spider-Man and when we were told that Sony has agreed to let Spider-Man join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or the MCU) we thought that meant he will be in Captain America. This made every comic book fan probably cry out for joy but now it looks like we may not see our favorite wall crawler in Captain America.


Recently there has been reports that Sony who owns the rights to Spider-Man wont allow him to be in Captain America. The io9 said that Marvel wanted Spider-Man for the movie but Sony said that it wouldn’t let Spider-Man be involved in the movie. Yet like io9 goes over, the main story plot involves Spider-Man who plays a huge role in the movie. Movieweb talks about how this was leaked through Sony emails that they wouldn’t let Spider-Man be in Captain America. Although like Movieweb says it could be that Sony is trying to reboot Spidey entirely.

It seems as though Sony has given up on Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man so that could be why Spidey wont be in Captain America because they don’t have anyone to play it. Yet like Screenrant says Captain America is still over a year and a half away so there is still time for Spider-Man to be in the movie. They can still find a new Spidey and it could end up being great. With the “Sinister Six” movie coming out in 2016 they will most likely need to find a Spider-Man before that so that would be perfect timing to get Spider-Man into the Captain America movie.

Yet until that happens Captain America will be focused around the Winter Soldier and how there will be a tension between Iron Man and Captain America because the Winter Soldier killed Tony’s parents. That sounds like it will still be a great movie but to make the story plot the best you need Spider-Man.

Will you all be upset with no Spider-Man ?


Possible Dream Casting for Spider-Man?

I posted that Spider-Man has finally been brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or the MCU). Well because of this it seems as though Andrew Garfield will not be staying Spider-Man so now everyone is wondering who will be the next wall crawler. Different websites and people have taken it upon themselves to come up with possible actors to take the role. One that is one most lists is someone every superhero fan already knows, he plays The Flash, his name is Grant Gustin.

Now some people like Nerdgeist feel as though this wont happen. The main reason is that he is already playing a superhero. While there may be contractual obligations it may also be hard for Grant to work in a Spider-Man movie while keeping up with the Flash TV show.

Although there is more people who believe this would be a great choice. TechTimes thinks this would be a “ballsy” move on the part of Marvel. I mean you would basically be sending shots at DC if you cast there Flash. Although it may be a smart choice because he wasn’t cast to play the role of The Flash on the big screen so this could be smart for Marvel to give him the chance of playing a superhero in a movie.

Moviepilot also feels as though Grant Gustin would be the best choice and also their choice to be the Web Slinger. He already has the nerdy look that would be best for Spider-Man, he also is skinny and looks young unlike Tobey Maguire who was 30 and looked 30. Lastly he has the perfect attitude which is a little cocky!

With all of this being said this may be a great choice to play Spider-Man but its still all speculation. Yet its fun to wonder, so what do you all think?



Lex Luthor is Here!

Everyone who loves comic books knows that the Batman V Superman movie is now a little less than a year away. With that being said we already know that Jesse Eisenberg will be playing the infamous Lex Luthor. Now he has gotten a lot of criticism when he was casted as Luthor, people said he is too young, that this must be a joke and even that he is too wimpy to play this role. Well all of that changed once pictures surfaced of him as Lex Luthor with his new haircut.


After this picture came out everyone’s opinions changes, people said that he will own this role, that he looks intimidating and excellent and even that it was a great casting. Its funny to see how everyone’s opinions change just because of a picture. Although this may happen all the time because everyone didn’t like the casting of Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in the TV show the Flash and now everyone loves him.

I think that he will be great, if you have ever seen a movie with him in it you know he can play Lex Luthor. He portrays intimidating, a little psychopathic and he is great at acting very confident and like he is better than anyone. To me that sounds exactly like Lex Luthor and I honestly cant wait to see him in action. This movie will be one of the biggest DC movies ever if not the biggest and I think they have a great Lex Luthor and definitely one that looks the part.

What do you all think about this picture and the casting?

A New Iron Man?

There is some major news when it comes to the superhero movie world and its that Robert Downey Jr. who plays Iron Man has turned down the role to play him in Captain America: Civil War. This is shocking because he has truly become the face of Marvel and been the perfect Iron Man. Inquisitr broke the news and says that he still plans on being apart of Marvel related activities but says he wants to spend more time with his family.

Now yes he is turning 50 soon but he has looked great and has the look of Iron Man or Tony Stark down to the tee. I loved all of his Iron Man movies and I think he was brilliant in The Avengers. I mean the charisma that he brought to that character, some of my favorite lines in that movie were made by him. To be honest im scared of who may play him in the future. Its like with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine he has been this character and has been so perfect you are unsure about if anyone can even come close to being this good.

I may be thinking about this too much but I think its going to be hard to find another Robert Downey Jr. to play Iron Man. They have talked about Ty Simpkins who was the young boy in Iron Man possibly becoming Iron Man. Although he is still very young and I don’t believe you can just not have a movie that involves Iron Man so for me I hope that he reconsiders turning down the role and stays Iron Man. If not he just takes a break from this movie and then comes back as Iron Man in future movies.

Now what do you all think about this news and who should possibly be the next Iron Man?



Deathstroke for Suicide Squad

Well as you all know I have done a couple Suicide Squad movie posts and well here comes another one.

Its been known that the famous assassin Deathstroke would be appearing in the film in some way but there’s been some speculation on who it might be. Now while this post isn’t stating that this is a sure thing there is rumors like on CinemaBlend that Joe Manganiello will be playing Deathstroke and that he is going to be a lock for the part.

Now if anyone watches Arrow on the CW Network, Manu Bennett plays the role of Deathstroke but it isn’t shocking that they are going with a different actor for this role in the movie. With the upcoming movies they have gone with different actors for the big screen instead of the actors from the TV shows.

I don’t care that they went with a different actor because I believe Joe Manganiello will absolutely kill it as the mercenary assassin Deathstroke. First off he has the perfect look to play this role and if you have ever seen him act he can play a complete badass which is what Deathstroke is, he is also just an unbelievable actor that can do so many things.

This is a portrayal of Joe as Deathstroke done by a very talented account called Bosslogix on instagram.


I think its a perfect Deathstroke but if you feel differently please let me know and tell me what you think.

A possible Riddler?

I have talked about a lot of potential characters for upcoming films, sorry but here’s another one although this one is just speculation. As everyone knows the Riddler is one of the main antagonists of Batman and has been for years. He has been portrayed in the past by the famous Jim Carrey and now someone new wants to be the man with all the riddles, that man would be: Jim Parson!

Everyone knows Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper on the Big Bang Theory. He has played that role great and plays the nerd role to perfection. Well while talking on the radio about his new animated movie “Home” he was asked about a role he would like to play in the future. He said he would like to play a villain and would love to be the next Riddler.

While there is nothing concrete about this happening I believe he would play a great Riddler. He has the look of the Riddler and if anyone watched the Big Bang Theory he can definitely play the nerdy type. With that being said there has always been times where people were assumed to have a chance of playing roles, I mean Neil Patrick Harris was rumored to become the Riddler, so take this as just Parsons wanting to play him but that doesn’t mean this will happen.

Although would you all want to see this?


The Joker is Coming!

Its been done the Joker finally looks like the Joker!

Jared Leto cut off his long locks and has the haircut you would normally think of when you think of the Joker. He is blonde though so we don’t truly know what he will look like until we see him in the Suicide Squad movie. Although this is what Leto looks like now:


I can just see the transformation coming but some people are still worried they aren’t seeing the Joker because of the lack of green. Well Comic Book Movie lets you know that Letos’s hairstylist posted a picture of some green hair dye so no need to worry he will be going green very soon.

Since the suicide movie will start to be shot next month we may get a glimpse into what the Joker will be looking like very soon. What do you all think of his new look, is he more of a Joker now?